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My name is Cameron and for the last 17 years we have been totally dedicated to helping people find long-lasting and very simple solutions due to the many problems they have with ironing and laundry.

And we know for sure we can help you quickly and easily FREE yourself from many of the frustrating and annoying mishaps that go hand-in-hand with the housekeeping.

We are a family business located in Queensland, Australia and have continually improved and increased our product range including our famous EZY IRON ironing board covers.

Here’s why…

Our Revolutionary Ironing Board Covers are the most unique, ironing board covers available anywhere…

Using the latest technology available EZY IRON has now made it possible to not only iron without risking severe damage to your professional pieces but also reduce the backbreaking amount of time you spend at the ironing board.

  • Contain quality padding/filling already sewn in that hold and reflect heat.
  • Reduce ironing time and free up time for the fun things in life.
  • Mould to the shape of your board and are Guaranteed not to slip.
  • Made To Last!
  • Are attractive and come in eye-catching colours.
  • PLUS: …You’ll notice how EZY IRON ironing board covers eliminate ugly creases, annoying folds AND protect all your valuable items and clothing.


Thanks Cameron