Frequently Asked Questions

“You may still have some questions and that’s understandable. So I have included many of the most frequently asked questions here for you. I trust my answers reassure you and will help you in making the right decision.”

Cameron Miller

Will this fit my board? I am not sure what size my board is.

The standard size cover will fit approximately 95% of ironing boards on the market. We do make a large size cover as well but this is for very old boards (usually 30 – 40 years + old) .
(Hint: Most people know if they have a large ironing board. Sometimes these boards have fraser marked on them or have small wheels attached to the base of the ironing board).
Also, Robin Hood ironing boards (the ones that come out of a wall) normally use a standard size cover.

If they are designed to not shift, why do they move now when they are very fluffy?

Quite simply, the cover is very fluffy as it is brand new. It is designed to firm down like an ironing mat once you iron on the actual cover. It is designed to mould down to the shape of your ironing board and not shift

Can I send my order by email?

Absolutely. But we can assist you faster and better if you go to our Online Store right now. However, if you email us please include your business name and phone number in your email message, as well as in your fax.

How do I know if your prices are fair?

We’ve always been able to stay one step ahead of our competitors by offering strong competitive prices, which fall in line with the products we sell. We also invite you to talk to us before proceeding. Plus, you may be eligible for our FREE gift with the purchase of any of our Ironing Board Covers.

How do they work? What are the benefits?

The covers contain a quality filling made specially for us by Tontine Fibres. The covers are designed to mould to the shape of your board and eliminate any shifting of the cover. The filling also reflects and holds heat that is reflected back up therefore reducing ironing time. The cover is reversible – wear one side out and just turn it over for a brand new cover. This is also a great benefit for quilters as one side can be used for interfacing or glue products and the others side for general day to day ironing.

Can you wash them?

Yes you can! They can be machined washed on a gentle cycle or preferably hand washed.

Do You Provide A Guarantee With Your Products?

Yes we do. You get…

My Outrageous “ROCK SOLID, RISK IS ON ME, IRON CLAD, 100% Money- Back Guarantee

No One Dares To Guarantee The Quality & Workmanship of Their Ironing Board Covers

But we do!

A full 12 months Guarantee on quality and workmanship: If in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the quality and workmanship of your EZY IRON reversible ironing board cover, I guarantee to completely refund you money immediately.

That shows how confident we are in out amazing reversible ironing board covers. So if for any reason you find something wrong with the quality or workmanship of your ironing board cover all we ask is that you return it and you’ll receive your money back paid in full immediately!

Now I couldn’t be fairer than that could I?

What payment terms do you accept?

We accept cash, company cheques (within Australia), money orders, or credit cards, Mastercards or Visa. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club.

What is your postal address, your phone number and operating hours?

Our business address is PO Box 179 Mount Ommaney, Qld 4074.

Our office is open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 12midday on Saturday for any questions you want answered other wise you can leave a message (24hrs 7days) and we’ll attend to you queries promptly.

Here are our contact details:

Call (07) 3715 5315. Or contact us here.

Remember while others are groping around in the dark trying to figure out how to cut down on their time spent ironing with proven results you’ll be off enjoying other things in life…