What To Look for In An Ironing Board Cover

Ironing boards come in many different shapes and sizes.  Therefore it is essential to have a good fitting and good quality ironing board cover to make your job easier and more enjoyable.

You really need a good fitting ironing board cover that fits the board tightly, without wrinkles,  and that doesn’t move or slip when you iron a garment.  There is nothing more annoying when a cover slips when you move a shirt or garment over the cover.

The best ironing board covers are ones that mould to the shape of your board and also have a tie or elastic to complete the fit.

You also should be looking for good quality fabric – basically material that is durable.  It needs to be colour-fast to prevent dye residue spreading onto your valuable clothing.

Usually they already have padding or filling sewn into the cover so there is no need to purchase additional felt or padding.

It amazes me how many people purchase top quality ironing boards but have a rather dismal ironing board cover to go with it.  To me, this is the most important part and will definitely make your job faster and easier.

About the Author

Cameron Miller is the ironing board cover expert.  To discover how to make ironing easier and faster with an ironing board cover that doesn’t slip and lasts twice as long as normal ironing board covers… Guaranteed…. visit www.ezyiron.com